In 1969, the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health brought public attention to the importance of nutrition in the life and well-being of the nation, and many landmark policy efforts emerged. Several Washington State nutrition professionals in attendance were motivated to form an alliance in their home state—and so, the Washington State Food and Nutrition Council was born.

One of the key accomplishments of WSFNC is bringing members together with food and nutrition leaders to present new topics, provide insight, share experiences and ideas, and offer a call to action. Over the years, WSFNC has helped to educate members on many different issues impacting Washington State's multifaceted food system. Past conference themes have included...

  • What's Cooking in Washington's Food Environments (2012)
  • Step Up to the Plate: Advocating Sustainable, Accessible Food Systems (2011)
  • Getting Back to Our Roots: Finding the Way Forward to Farm-Fresh Food (2010)
  • The Right to Eat: Exploring Food Policy, Access and Equity (2009)
  • Fishing for Answers: Healthy Choices for People, Farms and Fish (2008)
  • 2007: The Year of Eating Dangerously (2007)
  • 2020 Vision: Anticipating the Future of Food in Washington State (2006)
  • Advocating for Well-Nourished Communities: Progress Toward Policy Change (2005)
  • Communities Rising Against Obesity: Washington Leading the Way (2004)
  • Feeding Our Kids at School: What’s Happening? What’s Working? (2003)
  • Nourishing Communities: Food, Gardening and Agriculture (2002)
  • Health in the Face of Hunger: Examining the Causes and Effects, Celebrating Successes (2001)
  • Planting Ideas for a New Era: Uniting Nutrition, Food and Agriculture (2000)
  • Honor the Past: Impact the Future, 30th Anniversary (1999)
  • Setting a Safe Table (1998)
  • Nutrition Education: State of the Art (1997)
  • From Seed to Table (1996)
  • Our Children’s Potential: How Food Makes a Difference (1995)
  • Hands Across the Table (1994)

Celebrating 40+ Years

For more than 40 years, WSFNC has been on the forefront of much change in food policy, nutrition, hunger and agriculture issues. In 2009, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Washington State Food and Nutrition Council at our Mid-Year Event. A highlight of the evening was a slideshow that traced the history of WSFNC from our beginnings in 1969 to the present.