The Board

Do you have a passion for food, nutrition, and anti-hunger? Want to get connected with like-minded people people to make an impact on the lives of your fellow Washingtonians? Join the WSFNC board!

The Washington State Food and Nutrition Council is led by an all-volunteer board comprised of WSFNC members. Officers are elected, or appointed, annually for a term of 1-2 years depending on the position (see Bylaws and Standing Rules).

Please join me in welcoming the 2013-2014 board!
President:Breanna Oberlin

Secretary:Sharon Feucht

Treasurer:Jamie-Diane Zorich

Legislative Chair:Kimberly Buchan

Legislative Co-Chair: Needed!

Conference Planning Chair:Jen Hey*

Conference Planning Committee:Erin Greer and Samantha Brumfield*

Communications Coordinator:Katharine Ryan*

Nominating Chair: Needed!

*New members

As you can see we there are still two open positions on the board: Legislative Co-Chair and Nominating Chair. Please contact me at with questions or nominations!

Positions we are recruiting:

Appointed Positions:
Legislative Chairperson (2): 1- year term
The chairpersons shall coordinate the state and national legislative functions of the Council. Attend and vote at scheduled board and council meetings.

Nomating Chair: 1-year term
Shall work with the board to prepare a slate of candidates for each office. Shall distribute ballots, tally, and give results to the board first, then the Council.

Please feel free to nominate yourself, a co-worker, classmate, or friend for the WSFNC board.Send nomination to

Board Meetings

The WSFNC Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month. Monthly meetings alternate between in-person meetings and conference calls. In-person meetings are held at Solid Ground (1501 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103-6708). All members are welcome to attend. See the Events page for the upcoming meeting schedule.