Farm Bill Updates - National Call-in Day

by Legislative Chair on July 10th, 2012

As many of you have heard, the House released their version of the Farm Bill last week, and the cuts to SNAP are drastic.  The House bill (called FARRM) reduces spending by $35 billion over the next decade --- almost half of these spending cuts (45%) come from SNAP: $16.5 billion in cuts.  Conservative estimates are that almost 2 million people would lose SNAP benefits every year; some estimate the number would be much higher. 

In Washington State, the proposed changes to categorical eligibility, LIHEAP and other provisions, would have devastating impacts on the progress our state has made in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our food stamp program. These provisions mean that our seniors and working families would be disproportionately impact; it also means 280,000 Washington kids would lose access to free school meals. 

ACTION: Call your Representative in Congress on TUESDAY, JULY 10 with the message “No SNAP Cuts/Hunger Hurts.”  Use the toll-free number [1-877-698-8228] sponsored by FRAC and Feeding America for Tuesday’s National Call-in Day.

ACTION: Publish this message on your networks’ Facebook pages & websites, Tweet about it, publicize it to your colleagues and friends --- spread the word and reach House members on Tues, July 10.

For more info about the House FARRM Bill:
House Committee on Agriculture – bill summary here
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - analysis here

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